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Develop the full spectrum of skills, mindsets and practices that will empower you to thrive in your remote work, and beyond. 

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& Growth 

Develop the skills, mindset and practices that will enable you to thrive remotely. 
Twice a month, join live masterclasses featuring experts sharing high-quality content tailored to guide your way into the future of work.
Plus, you get access to our library of past masterclasses where you can revisit and rewatch any session, anytime

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Join professional mastermind groups in your area of expertise and exchange knowledge, ask for advice, or simply connect with professionals in similar roles as you, from all around the world. 

Once a month, get together with your peers to offer and receive deeper support. Navigate challenges and celebrate each other's wins in hour-long mastermind circles.

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Tailored and curated courses and resources

'Thriving as a




Learn the essentials of thriving remotely with our self-paced course. From how to set yourself up for success, to productivity, communication and thriving in your career.



Experience the full spectrum of growth with our carefully curated and regularly updated resources. 

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With people from around the globe, on the same journey as you. 



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Join community events and experiences designed to foster connection and belonging and bring you closer to other community members, on the same growth path as you.


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We acknowledge that money has different value in different parts of the world. And as a global community, we care deeply about equal accessibility. In light of this, we offer access to our community on a 'pay what you can model', with multiple options. 


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We encourage you to choose the subscription option that feels right to you. All subscription options give you full access to our community space.


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Live masterclasses, hosted twice a month

✨ Library of past masterclasses 

✨ Professional mastermind spaces

✨ Monthly professional mastermind circles

✨ 'Thriving as a Remote Professional' course

✨ Curated content and resources

Social events and gatherings 

✨ And a community that has your back ❤️

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